Admall is a science led, people centric approach, to enhancing personal success.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Admall Sdn Bhd has grown a community covering South East Asia, China, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Future plans include Europe, Middle East and United States.

Admall’s four key pillars for achieving More Success in Life.

In today’s complex world, technology is forcing a rapid rate of change which is unprecedented compared with previous generations. For many people, this rapid rate of change, although inevitable, causes its own pressures and stresses in building a life of success.

As well as trying to balance the traditional pressures of time freedom, today more and more people are feeling the financial pressures of not being able to afford the lives they aspire to. In addition, our bodies are competing with increasing pollutants in the environment we live in and the decline in the nutritional value of the food we eat. For many, the battle for making real advancement in life, seems daunting and for most not real and certainly not sustainable.

The world we live in, bombards us with an ever increasing amount of information, about new ways to make Money and break free into a new realm of success. Very few of these programmes, create a sustained roadmap for a new live of success. The reality is sustained success, requires a rethink of how individuals can develop the life of their dreams.

At Admall, we believe in doing things differently to be more effective. We believe in creating a success platform which is learning based. Through greater knowledge and understanding, we can assist the Admall community members to create more success in their lives.

Admall has created a learning based, Be the BEST platform for those who want More Success. With over 30 years of management experience in training, coaching and life enhancing programmes, Admall launched a success platform which is backed up by world class products and solutions.

We have designed to Be the Best, success platform business around four key pillars.


At Admall we believe, there is NO point in growing financial wealth and time freedom, if our body is not able to give us the life and vitality we desire. Through our holistic centres, we provide access to the world’s leading DNA genetic testing & customised wellness, beauty & anti-ageing products.


As the world changes, for life success our skill set must remain relevant, including our entrepreneurship skills. Admall encourages all Admall community members to embrace the need and commitment for lifelong learning, we provide access to first class development programmes internationally endorsed.


Financial freedom for you and maybe your next generation, requires growing your financial net worth. At Admall, in addition to training in the capital markets, we provide access to regulated growth plans through private placement shares.


Why is it some people simply seem to be more lucky? Would you like to know the secrets for attracting greater prosperity and good fortune? With our Human Astrological Science seminars, we provide training to share the secrets of how to attract greater success. We also provide customised jewellery and fengshui products to further support the desire to understand and attract more prosperity.

A higher earning ability, requires a greater commitment to learning.

Admall’s platform for More success, Be The Best, offers, what we believe to be the premium mix of life enhancing solutions, for increasing personal development.

The learning led development platform for success, is backed up by world class solutions and mentors to encourage your success.

However our community members define success, it is usually always a factor of the need for greater know how, greater wealth, greater life wellness & vitality, or a desire for a greater ability to attract more prosperity.


By creating Admall, I hope that I will be able to create a platform for everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. In Admall, we give you intellectual property, financial property and all sorts of resources in order for you to achieve your dreams.

Dato' Sri Dr Patrick Tan Boon Jin

Еntrepreneur / Brand Advisor / Visionary
Dato Sri Dr Patrick Tan Boon Jin
Dato Sri Dr Patrick Tan Boon Jin