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Most people, when encounter problems in life, will long for guidance that is able to help them in making the right decision. Such longing emerges when they are indecisive of their career path, unsure of their talents or abilities, uncertain of advantages that can help to realise their dreams, etc.

Everyone yearns for a better life. However, a better life is only achievable if one truly understands his inner being, strengths and weaknesses. It is only then that he can make the right choice to make up for his insufficiency to live an enriching and fulfilling life. What makes self-internal discovery methods such as horoscopes, numerology, and tarot cards increasingly popular? It is because they are able to reflect one’s inner beings like a mirror, and help to gain better understanding of one’s uniqueness.

The four basic elements of Human Astrological Science (HAS), which are fire, water, air and earth, represent the four dimensions of the universe, the roots of all things. The formation of everything in the world is based on these elements. Since ancient times, human behaviour has been closely related to the environment, which is composed of four elements: fire, water, air (wind), and earth (land). These elements are important forces in sustaining life. Different aspects of human life, in terms of relationships between individuals, people and the environment, personal psychology or even international relations, are drawn closely to these four elements. Everything in the world works according to its principle, such as the change of seasons on earth. Weather conditions correspond to the four elements, such is human’s observation and understanding of the nature. When the same system is applied to human characteristics, each of these elements will reveal its emblems and attributes.

The four elemental traits of HAS include:


Energy in the form of light; a symbol of action and persistence.


The ability to nourish and sustain and able to reshape accordingly; a symbol of uncertainty, easily influenced by the environment and naturally sensitive.


Vague and inconstant; a symbol of outstanding social skills, able to analyse and understand situations calmly.


The source of nourishment for everything; a symbol of stability, firmness, and practicality.

Dato Patrick, founder of AdMall asserts that, “Astrology is neither a superstition nor something difficult to understand. People can understand themselves better with the help of metaphysics if it is organised systematically and determined scientifically.” The more one can learn, the more one would earn. When an individual analyses his personal traits through astrology to understand himself more accurately, he will be able to have better grasp of his career and investments, or even better assessment of his physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Different birth time will result to the inheritance of different elements. For instance, a friend may be interested and curious about the surroundings, take immediate actions in handling matters and be particularly motivated by what he likes, but he may also show totally no interest towards materials or even despise monetary incentives. Such personality shows the lack of earth element. To get assimilated with earth-related characteristics, he can socialise with individuals who were born with that element.

On the other hand, a person who lacks the element of fire may be less active and lack enthusiasm for life. If he is aware of his personality traits, accepts his weaknesses and is willing to change, his inner obstacles will then be overcome. There are several ways to self-changing, such as communicating with others, wearing suitable accessories to balance the four elements, etc. When there is a will, there will be unlimited possibilities.



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