Admall Founder


Dato’ Sri Dr. Patrick Tan is the founder and chairman of Admall Group of Companies. He is also the managing director of Sabi Consultancy Sdn Bhd and Ocean Thrive Investments Ltd.
As one of Malaysia’s renown entrepreneur, his researches and insights on corporate branding and identity are highly regarded by many.

His belief in brand design, brand marketing and brand culture has brought his wide array of business ventures to great heights.

With a unique business acumen for capitalizing on the commercial markets, he was nominated as ‘Asia Pacific’s Top 20 Promising Entrepreneurs’. Visiber is one of Dato’ Sri Dr. Patrick’s most successful endeavours where he received three key business awards, including ‘The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award’, ‘The Taurus Award’ and ‘The MRCA-8TV Outstanding Entrepreneur Award’. He was also selected as one of the SOBA recipients.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Patrick’s continuous researches on markets and branding have earned numerous recognitions from various universities worldwide. He was conferred an honorary degree by Shenzhen University, China (2011), received a doctorate in business administration from Hong Kong’s Victoria University (2011), conferred an honorary degree from Carlton College in the United States of America (2014) and made an honorary professor by California University of International Business Studies (2015). He also received an honorary degree from France’s Sabi University the same year.

Cheah Soon Kit

Admall CEO


As a chief executive officer of Admall, Cheah Soon Kit is responsible for the overall strategy of growth and profitability, the vision for the brand as well as the company operations.

He dedicated to developing solutions for biotechnology industries, learning & development, demonstrating the value of our innovations and ensuring broader business model innovation. With vast experience in sports industries, Cheah is very dedicated to great healthy living with work-life balance. His favorite quote is “ Health is wealth ” which is what he is focusing on Admall.

He is an Olympic silver medallist 1996, twice World Cup silver medallist in 1992 & 1994. Had played in 8 Thomas Cup winning 4 silver and champion in 1992, Asian Championship in 1995, Commonwealth Games in 1994 & 1998, Southeast Asian Games in 1993 & 1995 etc in his sports career. He was the national coach until 2015.